King George

by Relic



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A man named Dubya rides into town,
he’s gonna hunt them terrorists down
looks like a monkey and acts likes a clown,
KING GEORGE, get on board cause he’s the KING

with some help from Mossad and the CIA,
lock’em in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib,
taking his cue from Marquis de Sade,
KING GEORGE, O Lord, save us from KING GEORGE

and he’s singing O Say Can You See,
make the world safe for democracy
just like a puppet on his daddy’s knee,
he’s gonna start WW3

with the rabid christian right and Jesus on his side,
heavy with hubris and puffed up with pride,
trying to choke down another freedom fry,
KING GEORGE, always drives a Ford, KING GEORGE

even though he couldn’t find Iraq on a map,
200 thousand dead you can do the math,
just another lying, Texan psychopath,
KING GEORGE, he loves his wars, KING GEORGE

he’ll say howdy and thank you ma’am,
once AWOL, twice installed, don’t give a damn
now that Iraq is his Vietnam, gonna bomb Syria and Iran

he wants to be America’s dictator,
save the word emperor for a little later
a mask of skin hides an alligator,
KING GEORGE, we can’t afford, KING GEORGE

like a frog in a pot that’s starting to boil,
we’re all gonna shed this mortal coil
as he trades the dead in blood for oil,
KING GEORGE, no more, of the KING

some folks call him the fortunate son,
others just see him as a bully with a gun
makes old Hitler look like a nun, got his dirty little fingers on 9/11

(we should throw him in the gorge, maybe he’ll fall on his sword,
send you to the morgue, he’s one of the Borg, KING GEORGE


released February 12, 2014
Kevin Satre - lead guitar



all rights reserved


Relic Grande Prairie, Alberta

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